Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Door to Adventure Opens

Our adventures start in the same way our Dreams do, at the places we feel most alive & connected.  Our hearts and souls can direct us to the places, people and events that we bring life to with our love.  Every day that door is open for us to travel.  It's our own willingness & our attitudes that make it fun for us or make it drudgery.
   If new horizons are in your viewfinder today, then I hope you take off with a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye!
    "The Door to Adventure" is a Fall Festival art quilt designed and dyed by Artist Juli Sibley. It was sewn and pieced by Pat Meinecke, Resident Quilter at the Folk School. This art quilt is just over 5 feet in height. It is currently on display at the Community Room at the John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.  Seen here, as featured on the cover  of the Folk School catalogue for 2014-15, this colorful design expresses the spirit of the school with views of the garden and mountains beyond.

Monday, February 3, 2014

This is a story about time. 2 travelers going the same way fly out into the world that meets them. A deepening twilight & a dawning vision show them the place they will stop for awhile.  The energy that carried them along breathes life into their visions.  Leaving home and the sight of the familiar can be a way for transformation.  New lands show us previously unseen parts of ourselves.  When the winds call you home, you can go with all you have discovered about new lands inside you. 
Fabric Design from Chapter 9 of upcoming book, Earth Friendly Fabric Design: by Artist Juli Sibley, 2014 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Time Of The Lilly

Fast and fleeting they appear.  Standing in the sun, heads nodding to every breeze; they are always part of every mid-summer's color story.  They appear where they will amd maybe where the birdies carry them. You'll see lillies in old established gardens beside stately homes and in the same glory along ditches on back country roads.  Dressed for the day in full bloom, their lives exist only in the moment, just like ours. Yet the power of their existence lives on long after they fade.  The cycle of life continually creates new wonders.
   "Lillies" title page illustration from the book, 'Earth Friendly Fabric Design'  by Juli Sibley, to be released later this year on Amazon.  The book is about direct dye, line resist, and line media, all with Createx Colors.  I am pleased to announce that Createx is the sponsor of this book. Look for it and Earth Friendly Design Sets by Createx out in stores and online later this year.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bloom in The Woods

Spring proseeds us by widing the scope of greens.  New color has reached the highest mountain in Georgia which is on the edge of this valley.  Wild hydranga and tulip poplar bloom with all the power of scent.  Roadside and hillside, blackberry brambles show forht flowers among the brambles.
   The only traces of the frozen barroness of Winter is the barely visible structure of mountains and trees.  The strength gained from the silent  reflections  is only available in your own quiet. In the stillness & silence can be seen and felt all the forces of nature, both your own and the planet's.
May the truest love and strength of all nature be your guide in inner and outer harmony.
Watercolor illustration; "Dogwood Branch" by artist Juli Sibley.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


The sun has risen on  a brand new year.  Another time, as we travel through space to bring new creations into play.  Changes continue as we evolve in our relationships to other beings & the planet itself. 
How is life expressing through you today?  If your higher calling is joy - then where are you planting those seeds and handing out those flowers?   May this time show you with clarity the full potential of your Divine Nature.  Let the sun shine brightly on your truest heart!!
"Bird in the Sun" painting. tye-dye and sewing by artist Juli Sibley. Prints available at Morning Song Gallery.

Friday, December 7, 2012


At the neighbor's pond the fish swim about the small dock.  As I begin to walk around the edge, the crowd gathered then followed my footsteps with their fins.  What can it mean to them to see and follow a creature from another world?  For now it means bread cast upon the waters, as I walk with a piece of wheat bread in my hand.  Is it tameness or wildness that causes this behavior ?  In spite of our differences in language, bio-culture and lifestyles - - we have met in a place where we share.  They reached out to me in their willingness to follow me around.  So, bread, I decided, was a sign of language  that fish can understand, coming from me. So, I went home and got some!
  Nowadays, they gather where I appear and I continue to marvel at the innocence and simplicity of beings other than my own kind who would choose to float with me as I follow the pond's perimeter.  Our reflections merge with the falling leaves - leaving my world for theirs, to swirl on the surface.
"2 Fish"   batik on fabric, by Juli Sibley

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Rains have visited us frequently this summer, leaving refreshment and mist. On these days, the distinctions between where land ends and the sky begins is blurred. Creative enterprises always have the element of choas involved. It is necessary for the formation or reformation of a new kind of order to happen. Choas brings uncertainty, and only then can a new arrangement find itself. True form is revealed as the mists lift to show what was there the whole time. "Bird Flies" is a color chart from the latest "Kitchen Table Magic , Vol. 2. This latest fabric design book by artist Juli Sibley is a small compendium of Line Media and Line Resist techniques. Available in CD format.

I hope you let change and uncertainty reveal to you the true form or your soul life and heart's dreams. Peace and Love>> Juli